Church Ceremony

For the church all you need is the golden voice of Andrew and his guitar, and if you add Meg in then you will have lush harmonies with beautiful emotion to perfectly set the mood.

3 Piece Trad Band

Andrew, Meg, and Kevin in combination make an incredible trad band. You are guaranteed reels and jigs, as well as classic Irish folk songs, and some modern hits with a twist! Both Andrew and Meg will sing their own songs, with pitch perfect harmonies blending together. It is easy to add extra members to the Trad band, and if you would like a Flute, Accordion, Banjo, or anything else added to the lineup please enquire.

1 & 2 MAN BAND

Andrew on his own can entertain your guests with his diverse set of songs.
You could always liven things up and add in Kevin on percussion, Bodhrán, and backing vocals


For your big party we recommend getting the big guns out, namely the Drums and Bass. Whether you want to go with the 3 piece (Andrew, Chris, and Kevin) or the 4 Piece (Andrew, Chris, Kevin, and Meg), you are in for a fantastic night of dancing to hits! The band are very versatile and excellent at judging a crowd, so rest assured they will get the party going and keep it rocking.


Playing all the hits

The Midnight Revellers a 3 piece Party band that can extend up to a 6 piece. We supply Ceremony Music, Reception Music, Party band, and Trad Band, and DJ is also an optional add-on. Perfect for Weddings, Day after the Wedding parties, BBQ’s, and all Corporate functions.

  • Andrew McCarthy
    Lead Vocals, Guitar

  • Kevin Curran
    Drums, Percussion, Bodhrán, and Backing Vocals

  • Chris Byrne
    Bass Guitar

  • Meg LaGrandeur
    Fiddle & Vocals


Playing all the hits

We recorded this mix at one of our rehearsals a couple of months back. This will give you a little inside into our playlist and what we sound like. Be warned you may start dancing at your computer.


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